A Case Study of Dissociative Disorder in Meaning Therapy

Jan 13, 2020Case Studies

EXCERPT: A Case Study of Suicide Prevention in Meaning Therapy

This case study focuses on one of my clients, who was a young man with disheveled long hair and unkempt clothing. His presenting problem was dissociative disorder with hypochondriac symptoms, such as pseudo-seizures after travelling by air or having a bad dream. He frequently did online searches for the meaning of his health concerns, even though his family doctor had reassured him that he was a healthy young man. He also mentioned that he was afraid of catching a cold and showed me the many layers of clothing he wore even indoors.

He had gone though several childhood traumas, although he denied that he had any. He was sent to live with his grandma when he was three, because of his parents had to move to a big city to work. He came to Canada as a 12-year child with his father 15 years ago, while his mother stayed in China working for the Chinese government. His father was always anxious and in poor health. His mother had recently joined them in Canada.  He was their only child…

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