Summer Institute 2019: Transforming Trauma to Resilience through Meaning Therapy (July 20-21, 2019)

Mar 12, 2019News

The INPM’s Summer Institute teaches a comprehensive and integrative way to work with meaning-in-life issues in a variety of situations, from trauma and addiction recovery to human flourishing. It equips mental heath professionals with the necessary clinical competencies to employ evidence-based existential positive interventions, which make effective use of people’s natural capacities for meaning-seeking and meaning-making.

Speaker | Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D.

Facilitator | Lilian C. J. Wong, Ph.D.

Date | Saturday, July 20 – Sunday, July 21, 2019

Time | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location | Novotel North York Hotel (3 Park Home Avenue, North York, ON)

Online Interactive Livestream is available internationally.

(Optional) 12.0 CPA-approved CE credits


Novotel North York Hotel

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms us physically, psychologically, or spiritually, with long-term debilitating consequences if left untreated. A broad range of psychological disorders are rooted in trauma.

At the Summer Institute, Dr. Paul Wong will lead an intensive two-day workshop on Transforming Trauma to Resilience through Meaning Therapy, July 20-21, 2019 at Novotel Hotel, North York, Ontario, Canada. On-site seating is limited. This workshop will also be available via an online interactive livestream. It is suitable for all mental health professionals and first responders. Participants receive a certificate of completion and, as an option, 12.0 CPA-approved CE credits.

INPM’s Summer Institute is an intensive two-day workshop built on evidence-based meaning interventions, equipping mental health professionals with innovative tools that empower clients to recover from trauma and become more resilient. It is hosted biennially by the International Network on Personal Meaning and Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute Inc.

Meaning therapy—an integration of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy with cognitive behavioural therapy and second wave positive psychology (PP 2.0)—is based on scientific research and existential insights. It makes optimal use of clients’ innate capabilities for meaning-seeking and meaning-making. Meaning therapy emphasizes the basic human need for meaning, relationships, and faith: the golden triangle for positive mental health. This workshop will teach dialectic and paradoxical interventions, which foster post-traumatic growth. Learn more about meaning therapy at



This is a rare opportunity to learn from Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych., clinical psychologist, founder of integrative meaning therapy, and an internationally renowned leader in positive psychology.

Dr. Wong’s decades of scientific research and clinical experience in integrating different therapeutic modalities in treating trauma, painful memories, and troubling emotions inform his five modules of intervention strategies: Resource-Congruence Model, PURE, ABCDE, Dual-Systems Model, and Double-Vision Strategy. His teachings on the core principles and practices of healing and flourishing through meaning have influenced both researchers and practitioners globally through his numerous publications, keynote presentations, and workshops.



Lilian C. J. Wong, Ph.D., R.P. will assist in leading group discussions and exercises. Dr. Wong is Vice-President of the Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute Inc. and a seasoned registered psychotherapist.


Learning Objectives

Participants will learn…

  1. Identify types of trauma (shock, intergenerational, relational, racial).
  2. Describe the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and characteristics of post-traumatic growth (PTG).
  3. Understand how trauma changes one’s brain and personality as well as causes at-risk health behaviours.
  4. Learn how to counteract the brain’s negative bias by building the neural circuitry of response flexibility.
  5. Work with clients to improve their self-regulation, positive self-identity, and resilience through dialectic and paradoxical interventions (e.g., taming painful emotions by naming them, developing resilience through accepting vulnerabilities).
  6. Apply second wave positive psychology principles (e.g., bringing out the best in people by repairing the worst) to improve health outcomes and enhance resilience.
  7. How to incorporate the past into the present and future through improving relationships and meaning reconstruction.



This is an intermediate level workshop for psychologists, counsellors, social workers, coaches, health care professionals, first responders, and educators.



The workshop will include presentations, live demonstrations, exercises, role play, and group discussions, both on-site and via the interactive online livestream.



Refunds: A $100.00 handling fee will be deducted upon registration cancellation. Refund requests to must be received before June 30, 2019 at 11:30 PM (Eastern Time).

Cancellations of Course: INPM reserves the right to cancel any course due to under-enrollment, instructor illness, or inclement weather. If a course is cancelled, INPM is responsible for refunding the full course registration fee.



“It was truly a pleasure finally meeting you both… The presentation was well done and informative — kudos to both of you! … Thank you so much for your time and for allowing me the opportunity to experience firsthand your wisdom and kindness.”
Don Laird, M.S., NCC, LPC, Psychotherapist & Owner, Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates

“Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to participate in this wonderful weekend-long journey into meaning. I learned so much and plan on continuing to develop my coaching niche around the concepts and models you taught this weekend. With profound gratitude!”
Karen Henry, M.A., Owner, Henry Healing

“Thank you for the great learning and sharing during this weekend.”
Zheni Nasi, B.A., Recent Graduate, York University

“It was fantastic … there was still so much rich content. … I so appreciate the holistic approach you and Lilian bring, acknowledging, encompassing, and embracing both tragedies and triumph. And what I am also grateful for, what possibly some of the other participants don’t know, is that this is not mere theory, but values that both you and Lilian live out. I am a witness and beneficiary of your kindness and gracious hope.”
Dean Davey, Ph.D. Candidate, Vice President for Student Development, Pacific Life Bible College

“Thanks again for hosting such a great weekend to explore MiL and MT at your Summer Institute. You are both very inspirational to us on many levels.”
Scott McCready, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mobile Health Network

“Thank you for a terrific and re-affirming conference!”
Ronald Seletsky, M.Ed., LSW, LMHC, Associate Director of Mental Health Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Tewksbury Hospital