Summer Institute 2019: Testimonials

Aug 27, 2019News

The 2019 Summer Institute was a success!

Thanks to all the participants both onsite and online. May we momentum going, because the timeless and evidence-based message of meaningful living is the most economic and promising way to promote positive mental health in a dangerous time. We can be successful in this grassroots movement, only if we all work together as partners.

Here are some photos and testimonials.

Thanks for your hospitality and a very giving weekend. I’m back in Sweden and thinking about how to continue my further research work. I’m grateful for your thorough life-work in meaning-therapy, and I would like to draw on that and adjust it for a Swedish context.

Christina Lloyd, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Stockholm City Mission, Sweden

I have so much gratitude for you all for that very special weekend. I’m looking forward to paying it forward while also using your work in practice and in my writing. I was delighted and humbled to spend time with you all.

Karen Henry, Ph.Dc.

Owner, Henry Healing, New York

My experience at the workshop on Meaning Therapy was superb. The effort you took was commendable, and I consider myself gifted to have had this opportunity.

Jennifer Samson

Research Scholar, Madras University, South India

Both conferences I attended with INPM were a great blessing to me. They added value to my life and practice. Thank-you. 

Dan Sileshi, Ph.D.

Clinical Counsellor

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the incredible wisdom and knowledge you offered to all of us on your training last week. It was a fantastic opportunity to interpret my experience from the lens of Meaning Therapy. I feel very inspired and motivated to properly start my training in psychotherapy to be able to help others.

Dayne Gehry-Riis

Thank you again for all your personal effort and skill placed into the teaching content last weekend. It was moving to be part of the seminars and I am deeply appreciative of the invitation to attend. Thanks to you and Lilian for a wonderful and memorable weekend of learning and shared wisdom.

Lesley Lyle, M.Sc.

Co-Founder, Positive Psychology Learning, England

You are modeling living your vocational calling right to the length of your life. I’m just training to be a psychotherapist now at 47. You have inspired me a lot, and also reinforced your own message of meaning despite obstacles… I work in chaplaincy as an intern. You reinforced for me that there is meaning regardless of how many breaths you have left.

Heather Sansom, Ph.D.

Director, Move Your Mind Counselling & Coaching, Ottawa

I have enjoyed and found your workshop very interesting and inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

Arantxa Arredondo, Ph.D. Candidate

Universitat de Girona, Spain

Thank God for your wonderful ministry that really deals with the core problem of humanity.

Teresa Lam

Trained Pastor and Chaplain, Toronto

Thank you for an interesting two-day workshop!

Kathy Mosbaugh


The Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute Inc. (MCCI) offers individual and group therapy, supervision, consultation, and training from a meaning-centered approach. Founded by Drs. Paul and Lilian Wong, the MCCI operates out of Toronto, Canada and provides its services internationally.

MCCI is the home of meaning therapy (MT). MT is an evidence-based integrative existential positive psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of meaning and relationships. Hence, the motto of MT is: “Meaning is all we have; relationship is all we need.”