The Meaning-Centered Approach to Addiction and Recovery

Jul 30, 2013Articles


The problem of addiction has reached epidemic proportions, affecting every segment of society. About 1 out of 6 is dealing with some form of addiction problem. The track record of addiction treatment has not been very promising, with relapse rates hovering around 90%. Many suffer from the revolving-door phenomenon and the false-hope syndrome. Addiction is more than a disease; it is also a societal, economic, and spiritual problem. It can kill the individual, hurt the family, and harm society. This paper considers the addiction problem in Vancouver, critically evaluates the four- pillar solution and other mainstream treatments for addiction, and proposes the meaning-centered approach (MCA) as a better alternative…

Published as Wong, P. T. P. (2013). A meaning-centered approach to addiction and recovery. In L. C. J. Wong, G. R. Thompson, & P. T. P. Wong (Eds.), The positive psychology of meaning and addiction recovery. Birmingham, AL: Purpose Research.
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